Monday, March 30, 2015

FANTASTIC Skagit Valley Weekend in Bow/Edison

I rode up to the Skagit Valley with Susan to join the Whidbey Island Sketchers for fun and art. We garage-saled (well, Susan did - I read my book), we hit Starbucks, we navigated to Edison to meet the gang and have lunch at Tweets, we shopped at the fabulous "Make Art - Not War" Tri-D art store in Mount Vernon, had dinner at the Food Co-Op, scooted up the road to see "Insurgent" (FOUR!!!), then crept our way back to Mount Vernon in the dark and pouring rain to our funky little B&B. In the morning it was Big Breakfast time at the Calico Cupboard, then an expensive stop (for Susan's pastels, not for me!) at Dakota Art, then a cruise back through the valley to LaConner (where we opted to NOT join the tourista crowds for shopping). Then we made our way over the bridges, down the island, passing hundreds of cars headed to the fields. Funny, how cold we have that much fun in the Skagit and never sketch a daffodil, never see a tulip field?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Road Trip to Edison with Sue and Barbara

Another great day of sketching in Edison, WA   Sketching road trip with exploring great shops, galleries, restaurants and an amazing bakery.   These flowers were are the table at Tweets restaurant  great energy and the best food ever!  The owner was so welcoming to us as we sketched away.

We landed for happy hour sitting outside on picnic tables enjoying the view of the slough.   This building was in the distance.  Don't love this masterpiece but it's time to post and let it be.   Best part of the day was Missy from the Anacortes sketchers joined us.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Irish Music & dancing at the Senior Center

It was all about meeting, greeting and dancing at the Senior Center last week.

All those in the band wore a bit of green for St.Patrick's Day. Sketchers always love joining in the fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rockin' at the Senior Center

We had SUCH a great time at The Senior Center with the Friday Fun Band. There was so much activity - live music, dancing, singing,  and laughter. Even when taking a break the happiness was everywhere - clapping hands, tapping feet and big smiles!

Friday Fun Band at the Senior Center

The South Whidbey Senior Center is the place to be on Friday mornings. The Friday Fun Band starts rehearsing at 9:00am . The performance and dancing starts at 10:45. Music, laughter, singing, dancing, crazy characters. What an invigorating way to start the day! This is our second time sketching at Friday Fun Band. We love it. But boy, trying to draw people dancing is always a lesson in humility.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Color and Couture


                         It's Spring! Almost.  Color from Bayview Nursery can brighten any day!

Our sketch afternoon  at Brenda Lovie's Studio was completely delightful! We were all                 graciouslyaccepted into her workspace as she continued  creating in the midst of all the pens and 
watercolors. Spools of colorful threads were like a flower garden.

                                            Elegant ballroom gown and "Turquoise Tango"

All this followed by Happy Hour at Paula's!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lovie's Lovelies

So much today at the Atelier! I loved all the dresses, but my heart when right out at the sight of the wonderful gliding horse carved by Brenda's late father Bert. It was magnificent, and (my favorite of all things), a horse. Done with non-permanent ballpoint and watercolors (but no glitter!)

Lovie love

Another fantastic Friday of sketching....always something new and exciting to discover on Whidbey Island.  Brenda Lovie was so gracious to allow our group in to her studio, plus she stayed on task to make a deadline.

Apparently, I got the date wrong on my sketches as Friday was 3/6. There's an old expression "add a day, add a friend" so I guess I added 2. Thanks again to Brenda and her husband John for their hospitality.

Such a visually rich environment!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Costume design by Lovie Couture

Her work is fantastic!  The exquisite pink ballgown was the center of 
attention...and I fell in love with this little number...several sizes too small for me, however. 
It was a great Sketchers' afternoon and evening.

The synchronized ice skating costumes as posted on Brenda's wall...
quickie sketch...I didn't do them justice.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brenda Lovie's Couture Atelier

Being a Whidbey Island Sketcher, I never know exactly what to expect on a Friday afternoon.  We "get" to go places I know I'd probably NEVER see otherwise.  Yesterday was an intimate play session in the fascinating Couture Atelier of Brenda Lovie.  In her past life she was a skater ... then created those beautiful custom skate team "costumes" (is that the correct term?) we admire when we watch skating competitions.  Now, show-piece gowns, stunningly hand-beaded, hand-patterned, hand-sewn, hand-selected fabrics from NYC and beyond ... am I getting it across that this is all individual fabric art exquisitely created by Brenda?  Well, here's her daughter's Sweet 16 Dress.  I wish my paper were longer to capture the beautiful fabric roses at the bottom of the skirt!

And here's a work in progress ... we watched Brenda hand-apply beautiful Swarovski crystals to make this dress sparkle!  There's a lucky young woman - Sophie - for whom this dress is being lovingly handcrafted.

Thank you, Brenda, for opening your atelier to us!  And to John for the home-made delicious brew, and to Paula Pough for hosting our after-sketching gathering.  What fun we had ... felt like we were  children back in art class as we applied your sparkles to our Brenda Lovie sketches!  All in all, this ranks among the best Friday afternoons ever!!!!!!

Pass the Glitter, Please

We discovered another amazing  hidden treasure and sketching opportunity on Whidbey Island. We had the great fortune of sketching at Brenda Lovie's atelier, aka Lovie Couture. Brenda creates gorgeous, glittery, corseted, flowing, fairy tale, hand-beaded gowns and costumes for ballroom dancers, musicians, ice skaters, etc. We were in heaven. The talent on this island takes your breath away. Thank you Brenda for welcoming us into your atelier for the afternoon. Thank you Paula for hosting a fabulous happy hour and letting us use your glitter. It turned out to be essential for our Lovie sketches. Thank you Natalie for setting it up. So much fun!


Happy Hour dog, Taber. Always in fashion